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Hello! I’m Giada Knox!

I was born in Padua in 1989 and I’ve been tattooing for 11 years now, since 2010.

Tattoo is an extension of my passions to art like drawing and painting, It is an important part of my life and continues to inspire me toward self-expression.

What I create now is mostly inspired by nature with leaves and flowers in blackwork style and ornamental motifs that adorn the body and enhance its shapes.

The most important points of my projects are the precision of lines, the symmetry (when needed) and an anatomically correct composition.

I am constantly evolving and growing and I thank my clients every day for giving me the opportunity to live with what I truly love.


Giada ha realizzato il mio primo tatuaggio. Nonostante le mie insicurezze, ha saputo mettermi a mio agio ed è riuscita a creare qualcosa che ho da subito sentito 'mio'. Mano super delicata, linee perfette. Un'artista completa anche dal punto di vista umano, super consigliata!
Sonia L.
Ho detto a Giada l'idea che avevo per la testa e lei ha creato la magia.. È riuscita a mettere su carta esattamente quello a cui stavo pensando da tempo. Sceglierei lei altre 1000 volte. Pazzesca e professionale anche nel caos di una convention.
Giorgia V.
Giada is incredibly talented and extremely professional. I choose a custom musical piece that was pretty complex and I couldn't be happier. The detail is extraordinary. I've had 3 sessions with her and I'd definitely go back.
Javier A. R.
Giadas work is outstanding. An extremely talented artist and such a friendly person. I would highly reccomend booking in ASAP you will not be disappointed. Xx
James A.